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Havanese Puppies For Sale

We Serve New Families Nationwide!

We are dedicated to the quality, care, health, and perfect genetics of our little Havanese puppies. We have fallen in love with the Havanese breed and they hold a special place in our family, as well as our hearts, just as we are sure they will do for yours!

We Have Havanese Puppies Available!
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Havanese Puppies


For those who are unfamiliar with the Havanese breed, they are happy, compliant, and not yappy like some toy breeds tend to be. Havanese conform to your mood instantaneously, whether you want to run around in the yard with kids or have a quiet evening watching a movie. Havanese are easy to train because they are so eager to please.

We are a small Havanese breeder part-time, as our Havanese dogs are our family pets. We treat them with lots of love and care, especially the puppies. We make sure our Havanese puppies are ready to go to their new homes when the time comes by doing everything we can to make the transition easier on everyone. Our Havanese puppies are fully paper trained before they leave us, and we also begin crate training them.

Please browse our website to find all the information you might need when looking for your perfect little Havanese Puppy. If you have any interest, would like to request more photos of the Havanese puppies, would like to be considered to be one of our puppies' new families, or simply have a few questions for us, don't hesitate to call, text, or email!


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